View Full Version : Restoring a vintage Parker Hale.

Richard Schimenti
10-30-2006, 06:57 AM
I have a vintage Parker Hale Enfield rifle , made in Birmingham, England. the serial number is 2XXX.

The rifle was purchased used and has a high ront sight that was used to shoot in live fire and the rear sight blade is missing.

the barrel itself is in poor condition from someone apparently cleaning it with steel wool or something similiar at one time.

I am looking to have the rifle restored to original spec's.( not refinished)

I am looking for your input as to who i might send the rifle too for the work.

I am not trying to start a debate over who is better, ect. just your thoughts on who would be a good company to send my rifle to for restoration.

Thanks in advance,

Richard Schimenti
2nd Kentucky Cav.

Jim Mayo
10-30-2006, 08:19 AM
What do you mean by "original specs"?

If the barrel is shot out there is not much you can do if you want accuracy other than replacing the barrel. Chances of finding a good PH barrel are pretty slim but the NSSA boys have several good barrel makers that can fix you up. However, these barrels are a tad on the expensive side. If you are not serious about shooting you may want to pass on the new barrrel. If you want to use the gun for reenacting you can keep the barrel you have now and reblue or burnish it bright and replace the front sight.

If the lock ain't broke, what are you going to fix to bring it to original specs?

Is the stock cracked?

How about a little more detailed information as to what you think the problems are or what do you want changed?

Richard Schimenti
10-30-2006, 08:08 PM
Jim, thank you for your interest. Since it is a Birmingham Enfield, i have sent it to John Zimmerman, and we have had several lenghty discussions about the work he will do on it. Again thanks for the time. Rich