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03-04-2006, 03:43 PM
Hi folks,

I used to be a regular here, until some extended health problems followed by loss of employment put me on the sidelines for a couple of years. I want 2006 to be my year to come back to the lifestyle that I've missed so much. I'm just aching to get down in the basement and re-evaluate my kit and dust things off.

I have a straw hat that I'd like to maybe use a little this coming summer (it's a Clearwater hat, I'm confident of its historical correctness). But I've only used it once or twice, and it's still too new looking to suit my tastes.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for aging it a couple of years, over the next couple of months? Maybe stick it on a fence post out in the back yard for a few weeks, to let sun and rain do its work? I think I have been given to understand that straw hats during that time had a pretty limited life span anyway.

I'll appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Great to be back! :D

Crowley / Murray in Arkansas

03-04-2006, 04:35 PM
Wear it to mow the yard in, weed the flower beds, run a 10 K, or be truely eccentric and walk to work in it.

In other words--let it age naturally. Folks had new stuff then too, and straw hats weren't terribly expensive--likely you'd pick up a new one every year or so for daily summer wear, especially if it was a 'working style' hat.

If you leave it out on a post, its gonna look like you did just that--and loose its shape too. A respectable gentleman of modest means would not have allowed a hat to do so.