View Full Version : cs frocks and trousers by dec low asking $

10-26-2006, 01:40 AM
On the road and have some left over projects near completion. i am noted for making decent C depots at a fair price and have some left over jean from this years campaigns that were earmarked for some pards but didn't attend the events and need to move out for great deals. Not top of the line, i mean no makr marks but very high quality as i would as a progressive wear them to any hardcore event. Can always be upgraded, altered. near completion size 48 frock and size 40 trousers 30 inseam made from Mickey black mouse grey on brown warp jean. quoted as nearly identical to original nc sack coat jean. tight and strong and yet light. homepsun look, buttons yet not applied but will be 7 button handsewn button hole front frock and belt back mule eared trousers. frock is patterned off arkansas pent frocks, great for early war, prarie grove, asking 250 without buttons shipped 275 w/buttons shipped 2 weeks to deliver. also have 1 ben tart cassimere on brown warp, naturally fading frock size 48 to finish. without buttons asking 125 shipped, number of button holes choice of buyer. both coats have simple enlisted cuffs, homepsun rear pockets without scallops (see ark frock website) and light chest padding. blue collar pieces added for early war look included if desired. all will be completed by prarie grove event in dec. pictures of items in finishing stages if requested. all outer stiching by hand, fully lined frock in osnaberg and muslin sleves with pockets, all seams felled and sewn down by request for 20$ extra otherwised pressed down. great items, american made, beter than sutler, notch below top makers fom long time reenactor who belives in quality at a value, quality. both frokc were estined to be arkansas style frocks, perfect for trans miss and possibly other theatres. robhayhurst@yahoo.com

10-29-2006, 03:59 PM
the frock is near finished, has a nine button front as per original.prices neg.