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12-14-2010, 09:33 PM

I'm writing this for my DH, Paul L Muller making sure he can post threads on this forum.

He is rather new to the internet (just being slowly brought in to the 20th century and the new fangled technology such as cell phones and internet).

He will be here later to make formal introductions, until then, I will toot his horn because he is a spectacular reenactor. He has been reenacting since the early 1970's, starting out as most do with the 'Mountain Man' reenactments. While still young, he ventured into Rev War reenacting and F&I reenacting. After moving to CO (where he was instrumental in the success of the CO Rendezvous) he started researching and portraying the Westward Movement (and other time periods) for school children.

It was before "my time", but I think he was ostracized in the MM reenactments for writing, composing, playing & singing his song "Fringe & Beads" at many a MM roundezvous. (JK, it was a popular song around the campfires!)

Paul & I have a 13 acre homestead where we put into practice much of the old lifestyle.

Paul is an avid leatherman (building saddles, halters, head pieces, et al for CW cavalry), a woodworker (building much of our own furniture as well as crates for ammunition and hiding modern day coolers in CW style boxes), a blacksmith (forging cooking fire 'stuff' as well as stirrups, bits and the infamous Muller Pick). He is also Choreman of the Farm, taking care of our wide assortment of livestock. He does many mainstream events as well as campaign events. Paul goes campaign style to every event. He goes both ways ... Federal Cav & Confederate Cav.

As for me, I don't go to many reenactments, usually day tripping if I do. I am a spinster, weaver, knitter, crocheter, tatter as well as a soapmaker. And I'm a hellava good cook whether it is on a gas stove, wood stove or open fire. Just don't ask me to cook on anything electric.

Paul will be on the forum much more than I will, although I will pop in occasionally. He is new to the internet (just being pulled into the 20th century) so please be gentle to him. He appreciates emails and PMs but is much more comfortable on the phone.

Respectfully yours,
Cyndi Muller
for Paul L Muller

Muller's Lane Farm (http://www.mullerslanefarm.com)

12-15-2010, 08:02 PM
Hello , My name is Paul L. Muller, and I am new to this or any forum. I have only just recently doing anything on the computer machine,I fought it as long as I could! I have been a reenactor most of my life , doing Rev war and longhunter, working cowboy and covered wagon stuff. This is my third year of C.W. coming up. I do mounted cavalry CAS andUSA but my heart is in Dixie. I make 80% of my own gear for my horse and I . I am just finishing a C.S.A. saddle ,bridle ,bit,cinch,sursingle,halter,and lead,and saddle bags. I'm not an excpert , I just love making everything I can. I am now also teaching myself to frail on my banjo. Looking very much to read and visit with you'all. Paul

12-15-2010, 11:31 PM
Hello Paul and welcome, I may not post all that much, but I am on here at least once a day learning. The folks on this site are a wealth of knowledge, they really know their stuff!!.
Just sit back, scroll the the threads and you are in for an educational experience.