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Robert A Mosher
10-20-2006, 02:16 PM
In a discussion of sources of info on Civil War PoWs, Kay Larson of the New York Military Affairs Symposium offered the following advice that I thought would be of interest in this forum as well:

"If you go to www.nypl.org, you can use their CATNYP catalogue. I
recommend John Ransom (US) and James Hall's (CSA) diaries--both POWs.
Also you'll find reprints of the US hospital regulations and procedures
as well as an interesting book on camp diseases, among scores probably.
You should also look at some of the nurse entries from Our Army Nurses,
as the women depended upon diet, hot and cold baths and towels, etc.;
after doctors gave up on patients, many were saved by nurses. But, since

they weren't formally trained, their nursing work doesn't make it into
official accounts or academic studies.

Yet women were the rural doctors for their families and communities often. For instance vinegar was pretty much the staple: disinfectant, stopped bleeding, applied for fevers, administered for coughs, cold, flu; used in Amer Rev War by mil doctors, but you can find no mention in medical CW accounts; my reference is from a WI account of a female pioneer doctor and what citizens of VT still do (daily winter dose of vinegar and honey). See my
nurse excerpts at www.nymas.org/civilwarwomen.html If you can get it,
also see Charlotte Dailey's report to the Adj. Gen. office of the State
of RI on the condition of RI hospitals in 1862. Fannie Beers' memoir is
one of the few Confed. nursing memoirs.

Following is a book on prisons that we are considering for an award:

* "While in the Hands of the Enemy: Military Prisons of the Civil
War" by Charles W. Sanders, Jr., Louisiana State Univ. Press

Robert A. Mosher