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Steve Bockmiller
10-16-2006, 05:08 PM
Greetings everyone...

YEP..this is for battlefield preservation...that being the last Civil War warship, USS Constellation. After all, ships were the battlefield of the Navy!

On December 2, we will be having a fundraising benefit to help restore the spar deck armament of the historic warship USS Constellation in Baltimore. The event will be held at the Maryland Theater in downtown Hagerstown, MD.

The show will consist of a concert by the 28th Pennsylvania Regimental Band, followed by a showing on the big screen of "Gone With the Wind".

How often do you get to see GWTW on the big screen in a historic 1915 theater?

Tickets are $25 (consult your tax advisor regarding how much is tax deductible). All proceeds benefit the spar deck restoration on the ship (including the purchase and installation of a 30-pounder Naval Parrott Rifle!)

To purchase tickets, visit the theater's website at www.mdtheatre.org where they can be purchased online, or by phoning the theater box office at 301-790-3500.

STAGE BOXES: The Maryland Theater has stage boxes like Fords Theater. Boxes are reserved for patrons willng to attend in period attire to add flavor to the stage environment. Ticket price is the same ($25). To purchase box tickets, contact me (Steve Bockmiller) at 301-371-6311 or email me at DeBockster@aol.com These tickets are first come-first served. There are 10 boxes. 2 are already sold. Boxes seat 4 and 6. Individual seats in boxes will be sold. You need not purchase the entire box, but period attire is required to sit in the boxes.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS AND PROGRAM ADS: We are currently seeking corporate sponsorship in the amount of $4000 to underwrite the production cost of this event. We have a whole package of benefits and incentives for a sole sponsor willing to step up to the plate, including free use of the USS Constellation for a party or corporate event (catering extra....rental is waived). However, we will be happy to accept smaller corporate sponsorships for portions of this $4000 amount. We plan to sell full page advertisements in the event program for $250 each. For more information on corporate sponsorships and program ads, contact Steve Bockmiller at DeBockster@aol.com or 301-371-6311.

SPREAD THE WORD: Please assist us spreading the word of this event, so we can sell all 1300 tickets. If you belong to a group that has a newsletter (CWRT, SCV, SUV, historical society, reenactment group, etc.), please post this event in the "upcoming events" section of your newsletter. Any and all help along these lines would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hope all is well with everyone.

Steve Bockmiller