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10-01-2010, 02:09 PM
Thanks to all who contributed their time and efforts.... little steps....

Winsted monument getting buffed
Sept 1,2010
Winsted, CT.
Volunteers on Wednesday cleaned the monument of Col. Elisha S. Kellogg of the 2nd Conn. Heavies at Forest View Cemetery in Winsted. Kellogg was killed leading the charge at the Civil War battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia on June 1, 1864. Cold Harbor is known as one of the bloodiest battles in American history. Kellogg was one of 323 Union soldiers killed. Pictured, from left are K.C. Kirkman and Jane Custer of the National Park Service and Paul Cerruto of the Connecticut Civil War Roundtable in Torrington and the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery re-enactment group in Woodbury. More volunteers were expected to return today to repair the cracks of the monument, which is more than 100 years old, to help preserve it.

WINSTED,CT A team of Civil War buffs cleaned and repaired a monument at Forest View Cemetery dedicated to the man who led charge at the battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia in 1864.
Two members of the National Park Rangers at Antietam National Battlefield Park in Maryland are working on the project with volunteers from the Torrington-based Connecticut Civil War Roundtable and the Woodbury-based 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery re-enactment group. They spent the day cleaning lichen off the brownstone monument for Col. Elisha S. Kellogg and today will return to fill in cracks with mortar.
"This will prevent snow and ice from building up inside and prolong the life of the monument," said Jane Custer of the National Park Service. She and the volunteers estimate the monument, about 18 feet high, was built in the 1890s. They don't believe any major work had been done on it before.
The park rangers are here because the Torington Connecticut Roundtable group and volunteers from the 2nd Conn. V.H.A visit Antietam every year and voluntarily works on the grounds there. They are returning the favor. "We've been doing that for four years," said Paul Cerruto of New Hartford, a member of both groups.