View Full Version : Newly Formed Skillygalee Mess in Central VA!

10-08-2006, 12:46 PM
The Skillygalee Mess
Company B, 19th Regiment
Virginia Volunteers

Zak Slagle and Jason Spellman formed the Skillygalee Mess in April 2006 with a set goal in mind: to accurately portray the common soldiers of the American Civil War and to excel in terms of authenticity. We consistently seek opportunities to further the education of others and ourselves about the sacrifices of our forefathers.

"We were founded on the belief that to be a true historian we must approach our history in a non-political manner. While our goal is to learn more about the brave patriots of the war, we believe the best and most efficient way to demonstrate this is with our equipment and our behaviors" (Liberty Rifles).

How we compare to other reenactment groups is unimportant. What matters to us is the historical authenticity and research that we continuously examine to further our knowledge and understanding of history. The Skillygalee Mess constantly tries to learn more and improve over time. Furthermore, our group was created where good friends can get together and learn while having a good time.

The Mess readily accepts dedicated and like-minded members with an active interest in the American Civil War.

We primarily portray the common Virginia Infantryman of the Army of Northern Virginia during the time span of the War. Specifically, that of the Albemarle Rifles and Charlottesville militias. However, we also portray the common Eastern Federal soldier as well. Our home reenacting unit is the 19th Virginia Regiment out of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Check out the webpage at: http://skillygaleemess.blogspot.com/