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Ground Hornet
10-05-2006, 09:42 AM
Greetings all,

For those of you looking for a campaign-style event, I'd like to invite you to point your browsers to the event homepage for Banks' Grand Retreat- www.banksgrandretreat.com

This will be a unique event, one which aims at replicating the daily life of soldiers on campaign. While we have authenticity guidelines and standards, the most critical thing you need is the right attitude. Gear can be loaned out, the willingness to soldier cannot!

Set for March 14-18, Banks' Grand Retreat will replicate the days following the battles at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, Louisiana as General Nathan Banks retreated, hotly pursued by a much smaller Confederate force under General **** Taylor.

The event site is as removed from modernity and intrusion as one can find in modern America. We'll be off paved roads, away from houses, and marching in the piney woods of central Louisiana.

We will move roughly 6-8 miles per day, live from knapsacks, perform the various camp and military duties of an army on the move, and do our able best to get a taste of what these men experienced. Rations will be issued at the mid-point of the event and water will be provided throughout.

I know that a sizeable number of fellows are coming from as far away as California, Oregon, and Washington State. Additionally, roughly 15 reenactors from England and France are coming over as well! For those veterans of the Red River campaigns of the 90's, the Mansfield-Pleasant Hill Preservation March of 2003, and other similar events, you'll find a familiar environment at Banks' Grand Retreat. For those who have always wanted to try this sort of event, we welcome you.

Banks' Grand Retreat is not designed nor billed as a "hardkewl" event. I care not a wit what your background is, be it authentic, mainstream, or somewhere in between. This event is not about lying around and admiring one another's kits. It's about living from your pack, giving battle where it's offered, and gaining a deeper appreciation for what these fellows endured.

We will maintain a high Federal to CS ratio and as a result, I want to urge you to think about coming in blue. The experience will be the same no matter what uniform you wear.

Grab a pard, form a company if you can, and start marching!


Fred Baker
Banks' Grand Retreat