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10-04-2006, 12:28 PM

I have made updates to all my prices! I now have bolts of material for all garments, allowing me to keep my prices lower. For a quick list here's the prices, you can also check out my website which I hope to have a new one made.

Federal Goods:

Contract Sack Coats $155 PPD, Unlined $175 PPD
SA sack coats $175 PPD, unlined $200 PPD

Contract Trousers $155 PPD
SA trousers- $175 PPD

All Federal Haversacks $75 PPD

CS goods:

CS Jackets:

RDI- $195 PPD
RDII- $175 PPD

Other jacket types available, please inquire

CS Trowsers $160 PPD

Other items are available that are not listed on my site due to my computer skills not being great. I am working on getting a webmaster who has the time to update and run the site. Anyhow here's a list of items not listed:

Commercial Officers Forage Caps- $110 PPD
Federal Enlisted Forage Caps- $95 PPD
Commercial Officers Sack Coats- $275 PPD
Officers Trousers- $185 PPD
CS Kepis- $95 PPD
CS Haversacks, many types prices between $45- $75
US and CS knapsacks, send email for more info

Other stuff, Civilian and US & CS issue shirts, US and Civilian pattern Drawers, Painted Ground Cloths, CS tent flies all made by Gary Larrison, Gary Does fine work!

Items in the works:

Officers Haversack pattern, hope to have a prototype done in 1-2 months.

Anyhow if there's an item you would like made contact me, I also have several items in stock.



10-05-2006, 11:51 AM
Forgot to add, and havnt updated the prices on my website:

Federal SA infantry Jackets- Made from Dark Blue Kersey, with Dommet Flannel Lining copied from the D. Byam jacket in the GNMP collection. $225 PPD

Federal SA mounted Services Jackets- Made from Dark Blue Kersey, with Dommet Flannel Lining. $300 PPD

Federal Cinci Depot Mounted Services Jacket- Same material as above $275 PPD.

10-17-2006, 08:12 AM

After some suggestions from others I am offering package deals:

US contract Package:
Contract Sack Coat
Contract Trowsers
Contract Issue Shirt
Federal Issue Drawers

Normally $525, Price $475

Deluxe package add a forage cap, and haversack add $145 ( save $25)

US Schuylkill Arsenal Package:
SA Sack Coat
SA trousers
Contract Issue Shirt
Federal Issue Drawers

Normally $570, Price $525

US Mounted Package:
SA Mounted Services Jacket
Contract Mounted trousers
Contract Shirt
Federal Issue Drawers

Normally $695, Price $600

CS Package-
CS Jacket ( Either Richmond Depot or Columbus Depot)
CS trousers
CS issue Shirt
Civilian Pattern Drawers

Normally $540, Price $495

Shirt and Drawers Package-
Contract Issue Shirt
Federal Issue Drawers

Normally $200, Price $175 (same price applies for CS shirt and Drawers)


The federal and civilian drawers are Handsewn, the CS issue shirt is handsewn. Federal Haversack all handsewn. These items feature very little if no machine stitching.

Contract shirt is copied from an original in west point, and was a blue contract shirt of blue wool flannel same as the sack coat. I can do a Tan or red shirt if you want, but is not the color of the original shirt in west point. Although there were contracts for shirts of that color.

Federal Forage Cap is an LJI&P Type I forage Cap, I have pictures if you would like to see it.

Federal Haversack is a Potter Contract Haversack, complete with correct potter stamp on the leather.

If interested in a package deal let me know.