View Full Version : Fatigue Blouses and QMD knit shirts!

02-28-2006, 10:51 PM
In stock and ready to go!

JT Martin lined fatigue blouses by NJ Sekela...on sale for $185 plus S&H; many sizes ready to go! Ask the man who owns one, the flannel is custom woven and dyed, the construction is meticulous, the final package is the best blouse out there period!

Quartermaster Dept. issue cotton knit shirt in red, fits all sizes up to 46/48. 3/4 sleeve, 3 button placket, makers mark stamped on front. This shirt works great under the dreaded domet flannel shirt and by itself is a comfortable cool alternative on a warm summer day. These might not always be available when you need them so act now. $85 plus S&H.

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