View Full Version : Haste makes Waste

10-02-2006, 07:16 AM
I know how much many want to have ____________ , by next week, tomorrow, tonight, right away, immediately, I can't leave the store with out it!

Some of what we want costs money but less time or more time and less money or lots of money and lots of time. Don't forget time is money, your time and others are valuable. It can be difficult to decide what is best to do by each ones needs, wants and standards. Today we have access to the internet in which many of our questions are answered up to a point, it is then up to the individual to make the decisions. It's a tuff decision when there is this bright and shiney "temptation" in front of our eyes, bodies and purses! To either plop down $$$ or walk away to figure out something else.

There are many in the hobby that are more than happy to lend or assist someone who is in need of a item of clothing. If what you want is expensive or you really don't know enough about it, ask questions, questions, questions. The only dumb question is the one not asked! Research, research, research. This will stand you in good stead! Borrow if you can, lend, and listen to the answers and weight that with your own research, wants and needs.

One thing to think about, can you undo, remake, reverse what you have. If you used 7 yards of fabric and you are not pleased with a garment...can that fabric be reused for another garment? If the fabric is correct, then you are expending a little extra time with the end result a garment you are happy with.
Not to worry...we all have "our own choices, decisions, mistakes" :p in our closets that were purchased or made in haste, some may be able to help others to make better choices by our past experiences.

We are forever learning new things and old things...enjoy the process!
Just some thoughts for a Monday morning....ack!