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10-01-2006, 06:07 PM
Co. B, 4th Alabama, 1st Corps. Army of Northern Virginia is accepting recruits.
We are headquartered in N E Alabama and have another, Co. F in central Ala.
Our HQ is in Gadsden, Al, 85 miles from Chattanooga, 60 miles from Birmingham, 80 miles from Huntsville, and 120 from Atlanta. Our company history predates the War of Northern Aggression as we were one of the original companies of the Alabama Volunteer Corps. know as the Alabama Zouves. Co. F is the Governor's Guard. We we were with Bee's Brigade at 1st Manassas and ceased fighting at Appomattox. We made a little side trip to Chickamauga after Gettysburg. You cannot find a unit that has a richer histrory. We are non-discriminatory.
Persons of good character seeking additional information, should contact me via this wireless telagraph at
Your Servant,
Kirk Fuller, Capt. ANV

"To be a good soldier, one must love the Army. To be a good commander, one must be willing to order the death of that which he loves." R. E. Lee