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Delia Godric
09-26-2006, 06:27 AM
I noticed there are several new folks here. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to have a few basic threads running since so many of the great information threads are gone. A few of the topics could include fabrics, where to find resources(primary and secondary), patterns and anything of the sort.

Since wool was brought up in the thread about capes/outerwear, it seems a good start. I am thinking a nice chart of what weights are good for what garments, weaves that are appropriate and how to work with wool.

I pulled out of my book notes a weight chart for shawls. (yes, I have been weighing my shawls on my Dad's postal scale...) I hope this posts right.

Modern fabric weight--- Period fabric weight--- Yardage weight in ounces (Per linear yard)--- Shawl weight in ounces--- Types of shawls
Fine-sheer --- Sheer --- <6.5 ozs --- <10 ozs --- Sheer, Grenadine, lace
Tropical --- Dress --- 6.5-8.5 ozs--- 10 - 13.5 ozs--- Kashmir, printed cloth, lace
Mid-weight --- Dress--- 9-10 ozs --- 14-17 ozs --- Paisley, Paisley-type, woven check
Regular --- Suit & outer-wear--- 11-13 ozs--- 18-21.5 ozs --- Woven check, hand-woven, knit, crochet
Heavy & Super Heavy--- Blanket--- >13 ozs--- n/a--- n/a

Anna Worden