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09-19-2006, 11:36 AM

Here's the current in stock list for Osgood Historical Reproductions:

Federal Haversacks-

2-Patterned off original copied in the GNMP collection. This particular haversack was a battlefield pickup from Gettysburg, dating it to 1863. Body is cotton drill, Handsewn with Handsewn leather tabs. 42" long strap machine sewn per original. Complete with inner bag, held in place by 3 tin paper back buttons. $75 Postage Paid

1- Patterned off an original picked up off the battlefield in the south mountain region, and another in the west point collection. This haversack is constructed of cotton drill, and is hand and machine sewn per the original. Leather is handsewn on. Haversack has a 40" strap that is machine sewn per original. Complete with inner bag held in place by 3 tin paper back buttons. $75 Postage Paid

1- Pair of JT Martin Contract Trousers size 36 Waist 33 Inseam. Patterend off an original pair in the Fort Lee Quartermaster museum. Constructed by hand and machine per the original pair, nice sky blue wool with nice weave. $165 Postage Paid

1- Contract Sack Coat 42- Copied from an original in the West Point Collection. Mostly machine sewn with handsewn button holes. Lined with a tan wool flannel and sleeve linings of muslin. $165 Postage Paid

Items in Progress:

Federal Potter Contract Haversacks- Potter was probably the largest haversack maker up until 1864. This haversack is all handsewn, with a 44" strap, rivited leather tabs and the Potter contract stamp on the leather closier strap! Excellent bag. $75 Postage Paid

Federal GreatCoats- Untill the end of Sept. only $325! Copied from an original JT Martin Contract Great coat in a private collection, mostly machine sewn with handsewn button holes. Size 38-50 ( Sizes 48-50 add $20 to the price).

Schuylkill Arsenal Infantry Jackets- Copied from the Daniel Byam Coat in the GNMP collection. All visable stitching handsewn, lined in Dommet flannel per original. $270 Postage Paid

Patterns in the works:

Federal Officers Haversacks- Copied from an original in a private collection, nice thin leather sewn by machine per original. No price yet, but if interested in one let me know. Photo's of a proto type will be available in the next few months.

If interested in any of the items feel free to contact me at cosgood5@stny.rr.com

Visit my website at http://osgoodreproductions.tripod.com/homepage.htm

Delivery times at this point are 1-2 months!