View Full Version : "ANDERSONVILLE PRISON" playset PART 2

02-25-2006, 08:02 AM
I bought the bagged set of "ANDERSONVILLE PRISON" playset accessories. After tossing the Confederate figures because the molds are way too worn out, and the Flintstone shebangs, I have 22 "prisoner" figures and 6 shelter tents. The shelter tents are pretty good, cheaper and more available than the Marx reproductions. I'm just going to paint them light tan or light grey.

The "prisoner" figures are sitting, lying on the ground, standing, and leaning on canes. All are in full clothing without traps. One figure has his coat open but he top button is buttoned!

The kepis are awful. I replaced the heads with Timpo CW repros and heads from the 7th Cavalry and San Juan Hill sets. All the figures get a coat of acrylic #875 True Blue. For $12.50 I have a nice little camp set.

Add the Marx repro Arms Stacks and you have the Color Line.