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09-16-2006, 01:42 PM
This event is set in late 1863 during the period between the time the Confederates abandon Chattanooga and before the Battle of Chickamauga. During this period both sides were attempting to find out what the other was doing as they were gathering forces. As a result there were numerous small skirmishes through out Northwest Georgia, South Tennessee and Northeast Alabama.


This event is not a recreation of any specific event that occurred but instead it is an attempt to recreate the feeling of the unknown as two patrols have been sent out to locate the enemy, determine his strength and map the terrain. For the event, we will have a Confederate patrol consisting of up to three companies of infantry and a Federal patrol consisting of one or possibly two companies of infantry and one detachment of cavalry. Both sides have been given the same task, to locate the enemy and determine his strength and intentions but avoid a general engagement.


This event is being held for two purposes. The first is to help raise money to preserve the William Harris Homestead site. All the money raised through registration and not used to put on the event will be donated to the site. We estimate that the amount donated to the preservation effort will be at least $10 per participant. The second reason is for us. This will be a semi-immersive event along the lines of Outpost (1 & 2) and TAG. There will be no spectators like past events held on this site.


October 20-22, 2006

All participants need to be on-site by 10PM on Friday, October 20.


The event is being held at the William Harris Homestead. The William Harris Homestead is an excellent example of the homes and plantations established in Walton County, Georgia, after the formation of the County in 1818. The lands owned by William Harris originally were Land Lots Numbers 122 and 149, consisting of 250 acres each in District 3, as set out in the County when organized and located on both sides of Rogue’s Road (now Georgia Highway 11) on the Apalachee River. The William Harris Homestead is one of the few early plantations in Georgia that remains sufficiently intact to depict the culture and lives of the first inhabitants of the County. The site consists of the main house and several out buildings including smoke house, corn crib, and barn all maintained by a private trust. The Harris family still owns the surrounding land.


This is the same location where Return to the Ranks was held last year.


Hunter Poythress, of the Prophet Boy’s Mess, will be the overall Confederate Commander. The company commander are Paul Jerram, Art Milbert and Cory Pharr.

Nate Petersburg will be serving as the overall Federal Commander supported by Coley Adair, of the Critter Company, commanding the Federal Cavalry.

Overall commanders will be responsible selecting their staff (Officers and NCOs).


In order to help achieve the goal of recreating the feeling of the unknown, there will not be a registration list posted. We want finding out the enemies numbers to be part of the scenario. There will be an adjustable cap placed on Confederate registration. This will be dependent on the numbers of Federals that register. We are already planning for the Confederates to out number the Federals for this event but we do not want that to get out of hand.

This will be a physically demanding event. We intend it to be a very mobile event especially for the Federals (see the commanders). Everyone will need to take this into account when considering attending this event. There will be no fixed camps or tents. Everyone will have to carry what they will need for the weekend with them.

Those wishing to register as Federal Infantry need to contact Nate Petersburg. Those wishing to register as Federal Cavalry must contact Coley Adair. Those wishing to register as Confederates should contact Tripp Corbin to verify space before sending in your registration. All registration fees are nonrefundable. Any registration fees received from persons unable to attend the event for any reason will be donated to the site for preservation.

Civilian participation will be extremely limited and is by invitation only. Invites will be sent out by the event organizers.

Just so everyone know's ahead of time so there is no confusion. Rammers will be used during this event by both sides. Also anyone captured or killed, your ammunition and food will be fair game. However all other items are off limits.

For more information or to register visit the event website at:

09-30-2006, 04:09 PM
I can not believe I am saying this about an event in Georgia but we are a bit short on Confederates for this event. So if you would like to attend a fun event come on and sign up. We have three great company commanders to fall in with.

10-03-2006, 10:15 AM
Registration for Prelude to Chickamauga closes in 7 days. If you are planning to attend, you need to get those registrations in the mail before Oct 10th. You can also register via email and PayPal.

There is still room on the Confederate side. Federal registration is full. To register or for more information visit the event website at: http://tandpcorbin.home.mindspring.com/HarrisHome/index.htm

10-17-2006, 09:16 AM
Prelude to Chickamauga will take place at the William Harris Homestead, located in the northern tip of Walton County, Georgia. Walton County is roughly half-way between Atlanta to the west and Athens to the east. Here are some directions:

For those coming from TN and Northwest GA via I 75:
Take I-75 south to I-285 East toward Augusta and Greenville (exit 259)
Take I-285 to I-85 North toward Greenville (exit 33B)
Take I-85 North to Ga 316 East (Athens Hwy)
Take Ga-316 to Ga 11 (approximately 23.6 miles down 316)
Turn right on to Ga 11 toward Monroe
Once you cross over the Walton County/Barrow County line Harris Homestead will be .30 miles on the right.
Parking and check in will be at the Windstream business (formerly Alltel phone company) parking lot located .4 miles south of the Homestead site.

For those coming down I-85 South from the Carolinas:
Take I-85 South to Ga 316 East (Athens Hwy)
Take Ga-316 to Ga 11 (approximately 23.6 miles down 316)
Turn right on to Ga 11 toward Monroe
Once you cross over the Walton County/Barrow County line Harris Homestead will be .30 miles on the right.
Parking and registration will be at the Windstream business (formerly Alltel phone company) parking lot located .4 miles south of the Homestead site.

For those coming down I-20
Take I-20 to GA-11 the Monticello/Monroe Exit (Exit 98 )
Turn on to GA-11 heading north towards Monroe
Go Approximately 20 miles to the Windstream Business (formerly Alltel phone company) Parking lot on the right. This is where registration and parking is located

Registration will take place on Friday, Oct. 20th in the Windstream business (formerly Alltel phone company) parking lot. Windstream is located at 3375 Hwy. 11 N., and is roughly ½ way between Monroe (to the south) and Winder (to the north). Windstream is on the eastern side of Highway 11 and is adjacent to Ella Doster Road.

Registration will be open from 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM. Those who cannot arrive within that time frame will need to contact Robby Mitchell (see contact info below) and give an approximate time of arrival. Parking will be in the Windstream lot and an adjacent pasture. Horse trailers will make use of the pasture. You will be shuttled to your camp from the registration site.

Some rules to remember:
1. No alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. There is the chance that some cows will be in the pastures where we will be maneuvering - avoid bothering them as much as possible.
3. Since this is a working farm all participants are asked to close any gates that they open.
4. Make sure to turn off any water sources that will be used during the weekend.
5. You would be advised to refrain from drinking water out of the streams.
6. Do not cut live trees (with the exception of “junk” undergrowth such as privet hedge).
7. If you obstruct roads you will be expected to remove the obstructions before the end of the weekend.
8. There are a few old and dilapidated buildings on the property. Please avoid further damage to these structures as the property owners have future plans for their renovation.
9. We will be using Rammers. However Officers and NCOs will ask anyone they feel might be unsafe not too. If you are told by and Officer or NCO not to use your rammer don't argue just follow their order.
10. If you are captured your ammo and food are fair game for the enemy. All other items are off limits.

There will be some spectators (probably no more than a handful) at the log house. The homestead is open for a few hours on Saturday for tours. Spectators will not be in the areas where we will be camped or maneuvering. You may see an occasional farm employee in a truck.

There may be some interaction around the historic home and out buildings. If there is please remember to be careful and don’t damage anything. We are trying to help preserve the site.

We will attempt to wrap things up by no later than 11:00 AM to give everyone ample time to return home. Due to the nature of this event leaving early will be almost impossible. Anyone traversing the property is open to capture or harassment. If captured the enemy is not required to let anyone go. The disposition of prisoners is at the sole discretion of the overall commanders.

It is strongly recommend everyone get dinner Friday before settling into the event. Rations will not be issued until late Friday night or early Saturday morning at the discretion of overall commanders for each side. There are several restaurants in Winder a few miles north of the event site. We would also suggest the Campton Restaurant (short orders) about 2 miles south on Ga. 11. They have huge portions.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event and are honored that you are participating. It is our hope that you have an exciting and fun weekend.

The Prelude to Chickamauga Event Staff

Contact Info if you have questions or concerns:

Robby Mitchell - Overall Event Coordinator
(770) 554-6586 (home)
(770) 466-8685 (work)
(404) 316-0285 (cell)

Tripp Corbin - Registration and Website
(678 ) 442-0150 (home)
(404) 861-8588 (cell)

Hunter Poythress - Overall CS Commander

Paul Jerram - CS Company Commander

Art Milbert - CS Company Commander

Cory Pharr - CS Company Commander

Nate Petersburg - Overall US Commander

Coley Adair - US Cavalry Commander