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09-16-2006, 01:34 PM
It is the fall of 1861 and war has broken out. The Sate of Kentucky is split. Townships are recruiting companies for both sides. Later these companies will join regiments and go off to fight the war. This event will recreate the early war recruiting of southern sympathizers to form a company that will march from town to join the Confederate Army. This is an Invitation Only event. Since this is a WIG event, all WIG members have a standing invitation. Those wishing to recieve an invite that are not WIG members need to contact Ms. Susan Hughes or Art Milbert. Mrs Hughes can be contacted at education@shakervillageky.org. Art Milbert may be contacted at TenthTexas25@aol.com.

This is not a military impression but a civilian impression for all participates. Participates can arrive for the event on Friday after 3pm until 9 am Saturday morning. We are encouraging staggered arrivals. Why? When civilians gathered in a town, they arrived as they could. They did not arrive in mass like an army. You are encouraged to bring your families as well if they wish to participate. But they have to meet the civilian guidelines and be invited by Mrs. Hughes.

During the weekend there will be political speeches from men and women, showing support for and against the war. Women are encouraged to make cockades for the men, or handkerchiefs to give to those that support the war. We hope to have white feathers for those that are too cowardly to fight or have northern sympathies.

There will be a formal muster for the men to joining the newly formed company. The muster will include health inspections from a period local doctor (Mr. Nicky Hughes). Once mustered into service the men will be taught drill. Elections for company officers and sergeants will also be held. Saturday evening there will be a town supported cook out for the men with the possibility of period fireworks, bands and more speeches. Sunday, there will be divine services and farewells the men’s families. Battle shirts and kepis will be required during this time. It would be appropriate to have your “loved one” sewing your shirt during the day on Saturday to add to the event flavor.

For more information and to register, visit the event website at: