View Full Version : Gordonsville Exchange Hotel Needs Help!!

01-29-2010, 05:18 PM
Dear friends,
Recently my wife and I were invited to join the board of directors for Historic Gordonsville, Inc., which oversees the Exchange Hotel Civil War Hospital Museum in Gordonsville, VA. During the last meeting we became disturbed by the low level of morale of the folks working so hard to preserve this historic site. Apparently within the next 2-3 years, 2 of the main exhibits containing uniforms and weaponry will be pulled by their respective owners in order to sell for their retirement. As these are the largest and most impressive displays, the prospect of losing them, coupled with financial concerns, had the board members discussing “exit-strategies” for the museum. After 20 years of operation, it would truly be a great loss for the community if the museum were forced to close. It is only through the generosity of private collectors that the museum has had sufficient artifacts to display over the years. Therefore, in this time of need, I would ask that if anyone here would feel led to donate or loan original items of the civil war era, quality reproductions for display use, or make a monetary donation in order to help the Exchange Hotel, that you contact myself via Email or PM. mhslax35@aol.com