View Full Version : Copper Clairon in C, Pigtail Crook to Bb

09-15-2006, 12:23 PM
Jan-Henrik Berger has been working with a manufacturer in Eastern Europe to come up with a reasonably priced Standard Contract Bugle. Specifically
Copper construction with brass fittings
Big Bell Clairon, single loop, key of C.
Garland on the bell to reinforce the copper.
Pigtail Crook to throw the key into Bb.
Sorry no zippered seam (would have added too much to the cost).
Under $200 (target was $150 and it may not be much higher than that) delivered into the US.

Jari Villanueva, Chris Nelson, and myself served as 'advisors'....and original bugles were calipered and used as a basis for building the prototypes.

plays sweet with a big yet mellow voice....partials are right on.

Email me at rjsamp@ameritech.net or Jari at jvmusic@erols.com . We can send you pictures, line your order up, obtain an advance payment, and have this under your Christmas Tree.

Dearest Wife:

It would be wonderful if you and the family would buy me a Berger Bugle for Christmas. I promise to have the Honey Do list whittled down to size in short order, only reenact once a month, and lose weight while loving you more.


your loving husband.