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09-11-2006, 10:08 AM
I have 3 wool petticoats that I would like to sell. Two are ladies and one is for a preteen or very short adult. They all have tucks in them so they could be made longer if need be. Please email me if you need a picture. quivrfl@verizon.net
I made some of these for my girls and I last winter and they were so warm to wear at those colder fall and spring events. The tucks help to hold their shape so that I didn't need to wear my corded petticoat for around the fire. When figuring how long you would need these to be please remember that you don't want them to go as long as your skirt. They need to be a little bit shorter so that you don't trip over them. All the wool is about a medium weight. Also, if you would prefer a fitted waistband I can add that for $5 more.

1. Ladies 39" long: brown tweed wool with a muslin yoke with a drawstring waist, it has three tucks. $35 + shipping.

2. Ladies 38" long light brown wool with a light plaid design also with a muslin yoke with a drawstring and three tucks. $35 + shipping.

3. Girls 27" long with 2 growth tucks in same wool as #2. $25 + shipping.

Please email me directly as I don't get on the forum but about once a day, if that.


09-13-2006, 03:01 PM
I would really like to sell these to fund some other garments for my family. If you are interested please take $5.00 off the prices I listed above and email me.