View Full Version : New Items from Ragged Soldier Sutlery

09-05-2006, 06:28 PM
Ragged Soldier Sutlery has recently added several new items to its inventory.

The most recent was just added Labor Day weekend. This is a reproduction of the rare 1856 book, _Paper Dolls and How to Make Them_. It consists of 22 pages of text and 8 color illustrations. The reproduction has been carefully crafted so that the copy is almost identical to the original. It would be a great prop for a living history interpretation.

Ragged Soldier is also a distributor for the DVD of the movie _The Unsexing of Emma Edmonds_, the true story of a young lady from New Brunswick who successfully disguised herself as a man and joined the union army. A blend of reenacted scenes and interviews of relatives and modern historians, the movie presents a contrast between the lives of men and women as exemplified by this individual from a rural community. It also illustrates the challenges women faced if they wanted to pursue an atypical role in the war effort by enlisting in the army. The feature length is about 60 minutes and there are about 50 minutes of other elements. Because of its discussion of female sexuality, it might not be appropriate for children.

We have also added several new items to our toys, games, and reproduction books.

If you have ever seen a toy theater made from cardboard in a museum, we carry a book with cut out parts to make a toy theater and produce a play “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves.” It is based upon an original from the 1830's. This item is in the “toys” category.

We have added several new books, including _The American Home Cook Book_ and a humorous book, _The Natural History of a Flirt_.

Our new toys include an improved version of the Monkey on a Stick and a card activity known as "The Endless Landscape." In this latter activity, there are 24 cards, each containing a scene. The cards can be placed adjacent to each other and the horizon line and other features are aligned so that the view is continuous. By rearranging the cards, an almost infinite number of different variations can be produced.

For a full view of the new (and older) items, be sure to visit our website at www.raggedsoldier.com