View Full Version : 2 new flax/linen CS/militia homespun haversacks

09-01-2006, 09:57 AM
Found a great piece of old material at a out of the way shop, looks like linen or flax and is very durable/strong. On a whim, since it matched the material in my haversack, I have made two haversacks, all handsewn outers. Roomy, durable, and easily maintained with a housewife if ever need be. One button closure, comes with no button or I can put on a period looking button from whats around here. Best part is the great deal. 17.50 shipped with some thrown in cheese cloth poke sacks. These will be just right for cs/early/militia events or for those young boys who follow the troops waiting for their chance to join up and need to carry some rations or other items email details hayhurst@cox.net sinc, Rob Hayhurst