View Full Version : Save The Wilderness Battlefield

10-12-2009, 04:30 PM
All , Thanks to everyone who sent in a donation to CWPT in honor of the Stonewall Jackson run . I hope I did a little towards raising funds to stop retail giant Wal-mart from building near the Wilderness . Corporate biggies only understand money , politicians , and lawyers , not in that order . I had a lot of inspiration while running , 20 miles is quite a distance but running through that historical area made it easy for me . Passing Sedgwick's monument , running past Piney Branch Church Rd. and picturing Fitz Lee's cavalry holding back the Federals . Passing the last meeting sight where the great Lee and Jackson planned the Chancellorsville attack . Following the same road Jackson's Corps marched past Catherine Furnace . And back along Brock Rd. traveling in my mind with Warren's 5th Corps . It was a pleasure to help {Our} cause this way . ... And I finished 27 out of 117 not bad for 48 years old . Again Thanks to all who contributed to a just cause .... P.S. I also joined "Friends of the Wilderness" while in Virginia , check them out !!!! Terry Rooney .