Dave H
02-22-2006, 01:26 PM
I am selling a complete Union impression / uniform, accoutrements, and 1861 Springfield. I want to sell this as an entire package and will not separate it out. This was purchased for school and Boy Scout living history presentations and has never been worn in the field or during battle reenactments. The uniform and rifle are just a few years old. The quality is excellent on all pieces. They are clean and have been kept in a closet.
The following is a list of the pieces:
9 button Union frock coat. Dark blue wool with sky blue trim/piping. There are sergeant stripes on the sleeves with diamonds above the chevrons. Size is 40 - 42.
9 button Union military vest. Dark blue wool with brass eagle buttons.
Union trousers sky blue wool. Dark blue stripe down the leg 2 wide. Size 34-36.
Forage cap. Dark blue wool. Black visor and strap. Hat size is about 7.5
Tab collar drop sleeve shirt. White cotton with blue stripe. Size large.
White cotton suspenders.
Black rough out brogans pegged soul. Size 9-10.
Black leather belt with US brass buckle / lead backed.
Black leather cap box.
Black leather cartridge box with tin ammunition box inserts. US and eagle buckles attached.
US tarred haversack.
Tin cup
US tin canteen with dark blue wool cover.
1861 model US Springfield rifle. Armi company Italian made. Excellent condition. Fired a few times for target practice. Kept clean and oiled. Stock is like new condition as is the metal. Sorry but no bayonet.
The uniform and accoutrements came from Fall Creek Suttlery. This is a well made uniform, and with the rifle and accoutrements is all you would need to begin reenacting.
Total of all items new would be $1,169 without shipping.
I would like to sell this entire package for $800 plus shipping.
If interested and would like pictures of everything please email me at home: