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08-03-2009, 12:02 AM
From a larger story linked here, as Alabama changes its statues in the US Capitol

http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20090802/NEWS/907319938 (http://www.tuscaloosanews.com/article/20090802/NEWS/907319938)
By Tommy Stevenson

And that would be Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry, whose likeness has stood for 101 years in Washington and is now quite literally being consigned to the dust bin of history.

And while I'll admit I had never heard of Curry before this past week, this lawyer, soldier, congressman, college professor and administrator, diplomat and officer in the Confederate Army has much to recommend him as an exemplary Alabamian.

Curry, who lived from 1825 to 1903, had degrees both from the University of Georgia and Harvard Law School, where he was inspired by education reformer (and brother-in-law of author Nathaniel Hathorne) Horace Mann to become an advocate of free universal education, a position at the time almost as radical as some of Keller's years later.
Curry served in the Mexican-American War, three terms in the antebellum Alabama Legislature, in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1857 until the Civil War broke out in 1861 and then in the Confederate Congress. As a lieutenant colonel in the Rebel army, he was staff aide to 'Fighting' Joe Wheeler - more about him within a minute.

After the war, Curry became a preacher but continued to focus on providing free education in the South. He traveled and lectured widely in support of state 'normal schools' for freed slaves and a system of graded public schools.

Curry was also one of the first presidents of Birmingham's Howard (now Samford) College and a professor at Richmond College in Virginia, where the Curry School of Education still bears his name.

It is certainly an inspiring life, if a rather obscure one. I doubt if there will be much hue and cry when his statue is removed.


An exemplary life indeed--the next question I'm going to ask concerns the ultimate destination of this statue. Do they stick these things in a janitor's closet, send them home COD or what?