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02-21-2006, 12:42 PM
The Battle of Selma ,Alabama Reenactment ( the twentieth , I believe ) , will be held April 27th-30 in of course, Selma , Alabama and is refought on a portion of the original battlefield .This is a fine event which always needs Federals . contact www.battleofselma.com or the 33rd Alabama at www.33rdalabama.org . The Sunday morning cemetary memorial / tour is superb and honors the graves of among others , Gen. William Hardee ( yes, that Hardee ), and Catesby ap Jones . An incredibly moving experience . Selma is a fur piece for us Yankees but in my humble opinion , worth the drive .
all for the old flag,
David Corbett

03-09-2006, 12:59 PM
Mr. Corbitt,

We were certainly looking forward to seeing you in the Deep South again.
Alas, Alas! Its not to be for this spring.


Due to an accumulation of factors including logistics, anticipated
attendance and safety issues surrounding the deteriorated condition of the works,
it is my duty as Chairman of the Battle of Selma Committee to cancel the event scheduled
for April 27th through the 30th.

While our initial thoughts were to cancel the battle reenactment over the weekend
and conduct School Days on Thursday and Friday, discussion among members of the
committee argued against that plan because the lack of atmosphere, absence of vendors
for food, drink and trinkets, and the shortfall in meeting the expectations of teachers
who have been with us for many years would harm future potential for School Days.
In addition, since the potential for proceeds to be gathered over the four day period
mitigated against generating a loss by way of a rain out, banking on School Days
alone doubled the risk of loss due to bad weather.

In light of this view of the situation, the determination became an all or none

Though it is unfortunate to cancel the event at this late date, under circumstances
where we cannot guarantee our fellow reenactors a safe and fulfilling experience,
where we cannot guarantee sutlers and vendors a good turn out of buyers and where
we cannot guarantee spectators the excitement and spectacle the Battle of Selma
has always delivered in the past, the prudent course of action is to stand down
for 2006.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word regarding this decision, so that those who had planned to attend may change plans and adjust their schedules.

Yours truly,
Dave Neel
Battle of Selma

03-09-2006, 10:04 PM
Thank you for your notice . I think this will prove to be a case of not missing the water until the well goes dry . I think the Battle of Selma Reenactment was unappreciated even by Southerners . I say this not as a sassy Yankee but as an observer of some ( thirteen years and many out of state events ), expereince . I cannot think of another event that had the dedication , the "Deep South " atmosphere and ambience as did Selma. If one exists , please inform me . Until then , "old times there will not be forgotten .
David Corbett , 10th Illinois Vol. Inf.

03-09-2006, 10:19 PM
Mr. Corbitt:
On behalf of the host unit, thank you for the kind words. This years event was just not meant to be. We hope to reform, reevaluate, revitalize and prepare for a superb Selma 2007.
Not dead yet.
Andy Redd
33rd Ala.Inf.

03-10-2006, 12:29 PM
Der Andy Redd ,
Just hope you boys still have steak at Fred's and pass the applejack between songs on Friday night .
All for the old flag,
David Corbett ,10th Illinois Vol. Inf.
Remember the words of General Lee:
"All this will come out right in the end ; we'll talk it over afterwards ; but , in the meantime , all good men must rally . We want all good and true men just now ."

03-16-2006, 11:26 PM
Gentlemen, a short-notice alternative to the cancelled Battle of Selma is in the works:

The Jeff Davis Artillery is pleased to announce that it will host an alternative tactical event April 28-30. We would like to take this opportunity to invite any of your command, and especially the 33rd Alabama, that might like to join us. We would also like to thank you for forwarding this invitation to the troops. Scenarios will depend on troop levels. Pre-Registration will be by email either by unit or individual to jdma1@bellsouth.net Pre-Registration is important because it allows us to make adjustments for fire wood and portalets. Whether we have 25 or 250 this will be a fun event. It is also our hope that constructive discussions will take place around the camp fire about the importance Battle of Selma Re-enactment and what we might do to continue “The Battle”. As a Re-enactor, if you want to vote to continue to have “Selma”, simply show up.

The official name is Save the Event with the Lowndesboro to Montgomery Advance with the Gentlemen’s Alternative Tactical Event.

This is not a spectator event. All personnel except event staff must be in period dress. Wives and families are invited but must realize that at a tactical event they will have to entertain themselves and remain in period dress while on site.

The event will be held at Bois D’ Arc Plantation just west of Lowndesboro Alabama on U.S. HWY 80. The tactical will be held on about 800 acres so with proper notification we could host up to 1,000 men. The gate is exactly 2.2 miles west of the caution light in downtown Lowndesboro about mile marker 111.

1st Confederate Legion Rules will be enforced, especially small arms inspections. The one exception will be artillery units will also be utilized for picket duty and may carry small arms under the supervision of their officers.

This is great horse country so we would love to have them. In a space this large they will come in handy. We will be glad to provide what you need for your horses but you must pre-register to have that service provided.

Thank you again General for your help. I will forward more information as it becomes available. The Amenities are listed below.

I remain your obt srvt,
James Harrell Hammonds, Captain
Jeff Davis Mounted Artillery
Selma, Alabama

Amenities On-site
· City water
· Firewood
· Hay
· Shaded camp site
· Good road to camp (over a mile from U.S. 80)
· Shelter from bad weather
· tractor
· Great site
· Portalets
· Horse amenities for pre-registered
· Music if we can find any
· Food - do not count on anything but what you bring but maybe
· No powder or reimbursements

03-20-2006, 08:51 AM
See the message regarding SELMAGATE, the event that WILL happen near Selma on the weekend that the Battle of Selma would have occured. Email James Hammonds of the Jeff Davis Artillery at:


if you are interested in coming. It's great ground with fantastic tactical opportunities. We'd like as many US and CS as possible, but we need to know how many to plan on.