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Old Cremona
06-24-2009, 03:30 PM

Tim Twiss playing 4 selections from Robert Kelley's 1855 "Companion For The Guitar."

This it is, the one true way to re-create guitar music exactly as played by people of the era we are so taken with.

To make it easier for people to learn this style and music, Tim is putting these tunes into tabulature. If you're interested, leave him a message at youtube or the Ning Minstrel Banjo group. The more people interested, the sooner he'll get together a booklet of this stuff.

Attached is a tab for "Jordan is a Hard Road," the last tune on the video. Pretty cool- a period fingerstyle arrangement of a popular minstrel tune everybody knew back then. If I was a guitar player, I'd be gettin' excited about this stuff.