View Full Version : State Jacket and CS frock

02-20-2006, 04:52 PM
Hey fellas, I have the following items for sale:

Federal State Shell jacket- Made of county cloth K4 kersey, constructed by Laurel hill sutlery, has tight hand stichted buttonholes, short collar, exterior breast pocket, epaullettes, muslin lining, federal eagle buttons. Size 38

100.00 plus shipping

Confederate private purchase frock coat- Made of FHW sheaps grey/brown jean wool. Nonquilted, red cheched lining, muslin sleeves, tightly handstitched buttonholes, epaullettes, Black trimming on collar and epaullettes, federal eagle buttons. Size 38

200.00 plus shipping

If interested, just shoot me an email at darthpreston1@yahoo.com if you would like further information or pics. Thanks!