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HG blacksmith
05-30-2009, 05:52 PM
Does anyone have any info on the 145th Chicamuaga documentary they were supposed to be making?
I know they were taking pre-orders, so if they cancelled it there would be a lot of angry people.
There was a camera crew right in front of our unit on Saturday! LOL
Just wondering.

Mods, I appologize if this is the wrong place for the thread. It didn't seem to be right for the cellar so I though it might be ok here!


05-30-2009, 10:26 PM
Here is an excerpt from Lionheart Filmworks (http://www.lionheart-filmworks.com/) website;

Update -- After spending most of last year in intense work on finishing the brand new "Gettysburg" 145th DVD, 2009 started strong and we've been working on several other historical documentaries for other companies that have taken an incredible amount of time away from this and other projects and itĎs slowing our progress on the 230th Monmouth and 145th Chickamauga DVD - We donít want this to be the case, but it is. We donít rush through our work just to get them out of the way - we have high quality standards, for sure.
Both of these epic new DVDs will be finished and released in the very late spring and early summer of 2009. This was always the plan since the event in September 2008, and Iím sorry if this was not made clear, but these latest bit and work have really slowed us down. It takes a great deal of time and work to put together one of these films, between 6 and 8 months (or longer), but we certainly want a complete, polished finished product once it's done.

We really appreciate your patience!

HG blacksmith
05-30-2009, 11:02 PM
ahhh thank you! I didn't pre order or anything, but I typed it in the search box a couple times and never got anything!