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Davis Wright
08-15-2006, 09:30 AM
Historic Clothiers Announces Regional Representatives

After six years of product availability through Jersey Skilletlicker, Nick Sekela and Joe Hoffman have concluded their business relationship. NJ Sekela appreciates what Joe Hoffman did with regard to customer development, and looks forward to bringing new and interesting authentic reproductions to Civil War living historians.

What does this change mean for you, the customer? Aside from different contact information, you should not see any change in the type and quality of customer service you have come to expect when purchasing an item from Nick Sekela. In fact, customer service is poised to improve dramatically! Nick has developed a regional representative program that will provide living historians with knowledgeable local contacts for Nick’s products. These regional representatives are experienced living historians with an interest in the material culture of the Civil War. The regional representatives will assist reenactors by providing access to high quality goods, taking orders, answering questions regarding product research and in-stock availability and seeking input on new production items.

Our motto is the Customer is King! Please feel free to contact any of the regional representatives to discuss your reenacting needs.

In the Mid-Atlantic Region (Delaware/Maryland/Pennsylvania), please contact Davis Wright (daviswright@comcast.net (daviswright@comcast.net))

In the Deep South Region (Alabama/Mississippi), please contact Tim Koehn (tkoehn44@yahoo.com (tkoehn44@yahoo.com))

In the Southeast Region (Florida/Georgia), please contact Bobby Brown
(bob@infernal-machines.com (bob@infernal-machines.com))

In the European Region (United Kingdom), please contact Steve Boulton (JBou293081@aol.com (JBou293081@aol.com))

NJ Sekela's products are also available through other quality authentic vendors including EJ Thomas (http://www.ejtsutler.com (http://www.ejtsutler.com/) or (215) 340-0806) and Carter & Jasper (http://www.carterandjasper.com (http://www.carterandjasper.com/) or (615) 533-7017). In addition, the Historic Clothiers' August 2006 newsletter is now online and may be viewed here: http://www.njsekela.com/newsletter/0806/0806.html

As always, please feel free to contact Nick Sekela directly to place a custom order, purchase in stock items, or just to chat about upcoming products. Nick may be contacted at:
nick@njsekela.com (nick@njsekela.com)
http://www.njsekela.com (http://www.njsekela.com/)
(973) 626-3051

Thank you for your continued support!