View Full Version : Unbelieveable shirt sale & civilian clothing pics up on

02-20-2006, 01:15 PM
Carter & Jasper wishes to announce that their line of civilian clothing (currently sack coats and trousers) has been added to the website with pictures. Introductory prices for the clothing is as follows:

Sack coats $200

Trousers $110

Also, Carter & Jasper announces an unbelieveable shirt sale.....from today until March 1st, the muslin civilian shirts (aka Common / Laborer shirts) (like those pictured on website with exception of front pockets) will be offered for $35 with free shipping!!!! These shirts routinely retail for $50-$55, but we are offering them for this price WITH FREE SHIPPING!! Although offered at a great price, there were no corners cut with these shirts. They are machine sewn with handsewn button holes. At this price, these are a great extra shirt to keep for that rainy or hot event!