View Full Version : Looking for Recruits in Illinois, Wisconsin @ Indiana

Light Artillery
05-21-2009, 11:24 AM

Want to experience the excitement and drama of the American Civil War? You too can be a living historian!

Taylor's Battery (A progressive Light Artillery Company) is a looking for Civil War enthusiasts who wish to portray the typical artilleryman of the Civil War. Taylor's Battery has 3 full-scale guns at it's disposal and we participate in battle reenactments (local & national), living histories, parades and school presentations. We are a family oriented group that also has a strong civilian contingent that participates along side us.


Please check the schedule at taylorsbattery.org for upcoming events you can attend or contact our recruiting officer @ jmaggi1213@aol.com for additional information. We have a uniform for you so you can join us on a trial basis and experience history first hand without obligation. We hope to see you in the near future.