View Full Version : Federal Infantry at Brices Crossroads

dale beasley
05-19-2009, 07:12 AM
Is anyone going to address this question? Gentlemen, and those of you from Texas, I am concern that this event will be the determining factor for many in this hobby. For me..one.

I have placed alot of faith in the folks that planned this event. If Cleburnes do not attempt to fix the numbers and make it somewhat realistic, it will turn out to be a joke, and there will be no hiding it. And the only place that the Generals will be wearing their uniforms will be their local SCV meeting.

I hope that this hobby can survive. And the crux of the survival will be in the mainstream ranks. The Campaigners will survive, and I being one of them, will continiue to enjoy the hobby with my sons coming up. But what we use to call mega events will come to a simple weekend announcement.

I for one believe that the entire community can survive together. But there has to be a meeting on the 50 yard line...and at this point the event organizerson on this issue are still in the endzone.

Dale Beasley
16th Louisiana Infantry (Federal)