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08-13-2006, 01:34 PM
Does anyone have the website of the person from GA. who makes paper ladies?He made them out of newspaper,and from what I heard they are superb.I am about to start making rounds fro Perryville,and don't feel like rolling out 170 tubes for rounds and caps.Thanks for your help.
Cullen Smith

08-13-2006, 05:54 PM
Here is my ad.

For Sale: Paper Cartridge Rolls or Tubes

Price: $3.00 a Bag of Printed Newspaper (Recommended for Field Use)
$4.00 a Bag of Plain White Newsprint (Recommended for Living History Display)

Bag= 100 Paper Cartridge Rools or Tubes
Shipping: $1.00 per Bag

Please pay by check or money order.

Andy Smith
491 Paxton Rd.
Folkston, Ga. 31537


Some comments made by past buyers.

I ordered some soon after my last post and used them this weekend and they are top notch! I rolled the whole batch of 100 and only had 2 rip from being twisted to tight. And you cant beat the price. Id much rather have 300 or 400 (depending on wich type you buy) of Andy's than 250 of the "Paper Lady's." I'll be ordering more for my next event.

Yes they work really well in a sharps even after fouling.

William L. Shifflett

I just filled some of Andy's tubes. They work great. Buying tubes sure cuts down on the loading time.

Pvt. H Davis

08-13-2006, 08:42 PM
Mary Whisante, "The Paper Lady" sutler from Alexandria, Alabama, makes paper cartridge tubes. Her sutlery has been called "The Paper Lady" since the early 1980's, when she began making cartridge tubes. They come 250 to the box, and are available from a number of sutlers at events, or at her sutlery when she is at an event. She mostly deals in ladies goods, but also carries her tubes.

"Paper Ladies" as a term for cartridge tubes should, I think, apply only to hers, but it seems to have become a generic term. I just thought she ought to credit, since it's what she started out doing so long ago.

I'm not familiar with any one else's paper cartridge tubes, but it's funny that when anyone is here looking for them, they ask for "paper ladies".

Because she's a lifelong friend, hers are the only ones I buy.

Frank Brower