View Full Version : For the Preservation of Arms in British Service

Craig L Barry
05-06-2009, 07:17 PM
"Rules for the Management & Cleaning of the Pattern 1853 Long Rifle" (with descriptive plates). The booklet consists of material researched and consolidated from a variety of British Army and Volunteer manuals for the Enfield Rifle, and adapted for the widely used P53 rifle-musket. Plus some additional material I thought would be of interest and germane. The P53 booklet is similar to the pocket size light blue US Rules and Management for the Rifle Musket Models 1855 and 1863. A future publication is in the works for a version of the "Rules for Management" booklet covering the US 1861 rifle-musket.

The P53 booklet is available from the BRI (www.blockaderunner.com) website starting tomorrow, for $5...a portion of the proceeds after the cost of publishing will be donated to battlefield preservation.