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08-08-2006, 07:12 AM
10th Anniversary Sale

In 1996 Nirvana was accepting a Grammy, the Olympics had come to Atlanta, the Yankees were starting a new dynasty and I formed CJ Daley Historical Reproductions. It's been a long decade, and this month I will have been in business 10 years.

It's hard to imagine ordering from a sutler via phone instead of e-mail and sending a check through the mail instead of clicking a button on your computer screen. While the technology has changed, my commitment to quality is the same today as it was on that very first day.

In looking back over the last ten years, I realized there were scores of items that I used to make but are now discontinued. To celebrate this anniversary, I'm offering customers a second chance to obtain some of these discontinued items.

Below is a list of items we're offering for this month only. The prices will be at or below the original sale price. Some of these items were only offered 10 years ago, so you'll get the original 1996 price. Some were offered more recently, but we've discounted that price for you.

All orders placed this month are custom orders that will be made one at a time. If you have specific delivery needs, please contact me via phone or e-mail before placing the order online. You may reach me at tailor@cjdaley.com or 717-263-0242.

To view allt he details of this sale, please click here: http://www.cjdaley.com/saleofthemonth.htm

08-23-2006, 12:47 PM
Sale ends next week! This'll be the last chance on most of these garments as I don't plan on keeping them as regular items in my offerings.

Thanks to those who've taken part so far and for allowing me to serve you for the last ten years!

Doug Cooper
08-23-2006, 09:08 PM
I keep my 96-97 Daley catalog because of the great items, Rocco art work and because some jerk moving company temp hire stole several Daley items from me during a Navy move and I needed the catalog to prove the value of the items for my claim.

The nice thing of course is that all the items are patterned directly off the original garments themselves.

Thanks Chris for turning back the clock on price, but never on quality. This is one heck of a sale. I have owned or still own (the one's that were not stolen) many of the items on this list. My favs have to be the CS imported overcoat, a wonderful garment, the SA blouse and the SA Infantry Uniform Jacket.

08-31-2006, 04:10 AM
Last Day. Sale ends at midnight tonight.