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04-08-2009, 07:34 AM
the first event (i believe) near here is the state park herad about this event its a fairly good turnout event so looking foward to it sheesh all the stuff i have to take mmm I do need that van asap. So the event is this month 17 18 19 if anyone in the n jersey area needs a ride i have room in my car or is going to the event I do have room in the wall tent (lots).
Bill hope to see you there--------chow all

you know it might be good to start a thread or section on here of peoples impressions be nice to see the face with the name

04-23-2009, 07:35 AM
Neshamity went well and good ole mother nature contributed nicely with day temps well into the 70's
I managed with help (bum wing) to set up my wall tent and tarp for the first time all assembly went smoothly next came all my medicines that weighted my poor car down . Thank the Lord I will now have my van with HD suspension (guess thats how u can tell another reenactor on the hwy that and the fact hes also pulling a heavely loaded trailer)

I got a great spot in our lines at the head of the command street so all the spetators saw me first . Had a ton of visitors that stayed almost all day to discuss medicine and the war. They did attend the hosp on the other side but said they didnt get half the information they got by me. What amazed them the most was (thanks to Noah) all the medicine _______ shapes,colors textures and uses. I managed to get from the village tinsmith my stetscope and had to order my pill rollar. I have a way to go yet in securing more items next will be the missing surgical items and some blood letting displays. I also have a friend who is on the Port of Authority mulage (?sp) award winning team who is doing my severed maniquin arms n Legs all left sides to look like the real thing.
My col has an impressive million dollar collection of artifacts and scored another nice enfield that apparently was hit with its owner mortally wounded. I will get from my friends in the police lab some blood swabs and test the area to see if it is indeed blood residue and perhaps see if we can send it for DNA testing. I will keep you all posted. Dont be dissapointed if this takes a good deal of time thei isnt TV where they get it back in less then 2 minues and connect it to the prep. LOL

fri and sat my formor profession (Phy Asst) was put to use as we had an extreme dehrydration case and a calv trooper kicked by his horse. Both were treated and sent to the hosp and were released later that day.

Received major kodos from my field as well as federal comand for my work and also impression . So thanks in part to all here for better preparing me for this event I thank you all and hope at some point to meet u all on the field of honor.
Bill G

Jas. Cox
04-23-2009, 06:18 PM
Cool. Sounds like all went very well.