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08-06-2006, 02:38 PM
The 69th North Carolina Infantry also known as Loves NC Regiment and Thomas Legion was a unit organized in early 1862 commanded By William Thomas then by James R. Love and William Stringfield. It served at Winchester 1864, Cumberland Gap, and and many other battles in the Shenandoah Mts and in North Carolina, it is considered one of the last units to surrender durring the war on May 5th 1865.
Now the unit was created again in 2005 and is seeking recruits in PA S. Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Our first event is Secessionville at Boon Hall Plantation Mt. Pleasent. There are no fees to join except what you have to buy as in Uniform and equipment and what you have to pay to get into events. I however request that you have liability Insurance to cover you in case you get injured.

You can contact me at the following

my email is nc69th@yahoo.com

My phone number is (843) 364-7082

I look forawd to having you join us in our new adventure

Chadd M. Vail