View Full Version : KY Inn/Trial Event Civilian Immersion

Linda Trent
08-05-2006, 06:59 PM
Where: Fort Hill, Frankfort, Kentucky.
Date: August 10-12, 2007
Organizer: Linda Trent lindatrent@zoomnet.net
Assistant Event Organizer: Abby Walker avi_w1603@yahoo.com
Event Type: EBUFU – Civilian Immersion – strict 24/7 first person action/interaction event – non-spectator event.
Event website: http://cw186165.homestead.com/TrialIndex.html

Needed for this event: A good mix of civilians, both male and female, of all social and economic status – this is a non-military event. The more men the merrier, as we can always use witnesses and a jury.

This event will be held in a inn that has been set up by Nicky Hughes (excellent material culture!). We will be running the inn again as we did last year – the staff will be working their behinds off not only dealing with the guests, but also with having to work around the court. There will be three full meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday, that will be prepared and served by the inn staff; the court will recess around the meals.

The court will be run just like a court in the 1860s. We have a real 21st century lawyer who will portray our judge, and will actually judge the trial, a special thanks to Rob Carter! We also have a defense lawyer (portrayed by Hank Trent), and prosecutor (portrayed by Mark Hintzen). Currently we have the Kentucky State Statutes for 1852, and need to see if there were any more recent updates to 1864. We will also be working with actual cases to see how similar trials were actually run. While this will not represent any actual trial or crime, it will be based loosely upon similar ones that we find. The reason we are not basing it on any actual crime is because we don’t want to have a closed ending. The attorneys will argue their cases and the judge will make a decision based upon the evidence presented during the weekend. The entire weekend will run in real time.

There is one common room available, plus hallways, and the tap room for sleeping. Those who stay in the inn will receive full service from the staff. There are also a few cabins on the grounds that can also be used. People who stay in the cabins will have to make their own beds, empty their own chamber pots, etc. Meals will also be served to the people in the cabins.

For more info contact either Abby or myself at the above addresses. If you regretted missing SFS or The Inn at Peak's Mill -- this is the event for you!