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08-04-2006, 09:39 AM
Dear Fellers ,
I just read GENERALS IN BRONZE by William Styple, Belle Grove Publishing Company 2005 and heartily endorse it as a fine read . Artist James Kelly spoke to generals after the war while he was sketching them and their remarks on each other and the war are quite enlightening. It seems reenactor squabbles are based in fact ! Two particularly interesting items are :
1. page 60 - Gen. Winfield Hancock discribes what he wore at Gettysburg : " I wore russet-leather leggings buckled up to above the knees-they were capped slightly over the shoes like the zouaves ."

2. Page 218 Dr. Thomas Dunn English on Gen Samuel K. Zook :
" He was killed at Gettysburg . A (Confederate ) negro had shot him in the buckle of his sword belt . "
The h*** you say ! Don't this open some cans of worms !
Just when you know everything , there's more to know !
allf or the old flag ,
David Corbett