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03-21-2009, 05:48 PM
National Civil War Field Music School June 19-21 2009

March 2009

Hello all,
I am sending this email out to announce the 2009 National Civil War Field Music School being held June 19-21, 2009 at Pamplin Historical Park http://www.pamplinpark.org/, which is located on original battlefield ground near Petersburg,VA. Students will be housed in reproduction Civil War winter huts and will receive musical and military training from first-rate instructors.

The school is being run by the National Association for Civil War Brass Music, Inc. (NACWBM), a non-profit organization which is also the parent organization of The Federal City Brass Band and the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band.

The President of the NACWBM Board of Directors is Mr. Michael Vice, retired curator at Gettysburg National Military Park, and the Board includes several retired military, respected musicians/scholars, and educators. They are excited about this undertaking, noting it falls under the NACWBM charter to “Educate musicians seeking to re-create the roles of bandsmen and field musicians of the Civil War era in the arena of living history.”

The school last year was very successful and there is a wonderful article in the latest issue of Civil War Historian on the Field Music School entitled “Taking the Field-The Rise of Accurate Field Music in Living History” by Lori Dixon.

The Music Faculty for the school includes:
• Jari Villanueva, Bugle, USAF Band Drum Major, Principal Musician Federal City Brass Band, Director of Bands UMBC, Bugler in “Gods and Generals”
• George Rabbai, Bugle, bugler extraordinaire of the Mifflin Guard, music faculty Rowan University, and music heard in Ken Burns’ “Baseball”
• Chuck Woodhead, Bugle, Chief Bugler, 1st Division ANV
• Doug Hedwig, Bugle, 27 years Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Trumpet Professor at Brooklyn College, member Federal City Brass Band
• Jeb Hague, Fife, Drum, The Old Guard
• David Loyal, Drum, The Old Guard
• Kara Nightingale, The Old Guard
• Jason Maines, Drum, Principal Drummer The National Regiment
• Stephan Southard, Drum, Co D 3rd US
• Don Heminitz, 3rd NJ. Mifflin Guard Field Music

The Military Staff for the school includes:
• Bill Watson, Military Commander
• Doug Dobbs
• Andrew Dangel
• Joel Hummel
• Michael Schaffner
• Jim Tate
• Michael Vice

(most folks here know the credentials of the Military staff, but their bios are on the website-I'm honored to have them associated with the school)
The Federal City Brass/26th NC will also attend to support this school!

There are many others helping out in so many ways-I thank each and every one of them!!!!

I personally am thrilled to have such wonderful musicians and military step up to teach our young musicians.

Our website is www.nationalcivilwarfieldmusicschool.com

You can also find us on Facebook!

Meanwhile if you are interested, please mark the date. You can reserve a spot today by e-mailing fieldmusicschool@nationalcivilwarbrassmusic.org or contact me personally at jvmusic@erols.com

You can also help us by spreading the word about the school. A poster is available on the website under Registration and Forms.

Jari Villanueva
Music Director, The National Civil War Field Music School