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03-19-2009, 11:17 PM
For those that have been looking at the Milk Creek kits I have one & here is my personal review. It is only a personal opinion of one surgeon that also owns an original version 2 Ed Archer Kit:

The kit has most of the instruments that were in the old Ed Archer Kits. There are some that were not in Ed's version 2 kit.

There is the newer screw bullet extractor (Archer version 3 kit). The brass screw tourniquet is nice but the quality of the woven strap is not as good. I will probably replace it in the future along with the belt buckle woven strap as it is not as high of quality as what I can make with supplies from a hobby store and buckles from an Iowa sutler.

The instruments are all marked G. Tiemann & Co. The handles are all in a black painted "fake" ebony. They are not the nice wooden stained handles as in the pocket kit that Milk Creek also sells.

There is one bullet extractor vs. two in the Archer kit. This is a really nice high quality extractor. The tenaculum and the scalpels blades are well constructed. The handles are all painted black wood. There are 3 tenaculums and 4 scaples (2 straight & 2 curved).

The bullet probe is a double sided Nealton probe (white probe points on both ends of a rod). As the white wears off White-out works really well.

The amputation knives, catlins, and metacarpal saw are all high quality blades . The capital saw and the small amputation saw are again high quality blades but the handles are similar to all instruments in the box. They have been checkered so they look better that just smooth handled instruments.

The interior is a dark green. There were some areas where the felt needed some "touch-up" glue as the manufacturing was not perfect.

The outside locks are the same type as the Archer kits and it does include a brass plate for the top of the box that could be engraved as "US Hospital Dept" or the name of your "period doctor." You would have to attach it soon as the area where it goes is not stained.

Overall, the blades are great, the handles look "good", and the E-bay price is in the $1,200 - $1,350 range depending on the bidding. If anyone would like close-up pictures, I could post some.

03-19-2009, 11:31 PM
Please post pictures when you can!

I may be picking up individual instruments to round out my kit.