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03-17-2009, 08:06 PM
My name is Nick Bocci and myself and some fellow reenactors are starting a mess to do as a secondary impression for reenactors intrested in doing somthing different. We want people who are intrested in the hobby and are looking to get somthing out of it. We will have a military based camp life and do one or two events with period rations and period ration issue. We will try to be as best we can in drill and camp life. No A-frames, coolers, radios, tv's,uniforms made with polyester or some type of modern fabric that is not period, ect. If you are dependant on these things to do an event then we would kindly ask that you look elsewhere. No offense. We are starting this year with only a couple of events. somewhere around 3 to 4. An events list is still in the process of being made. We are not requiring that you quit your current unit in fact we discourage it seeing as we will only be doing 3 to 4 events in a year with more later as we progress in the hobby. Our mess is not a conventional mess and it is a group of guys who don't have the chance to do a federal or confederate impression with their regular unit. We are going to split the year in half 2 federal and 2 confederate or whatever you want to do seein as we know alot of people in the hobby and finding a home for the weekend wont be that hard for us to find. If intrested you can contact me at blueberrymess@yahoo.com or just send a pm is intrested.
Nick Bocci

03-19-2009, 02:41 PM

Good luck! If you ever need a dual impression home to play in let me know. We also aim to do 2 blue and 2 gray events each year as a Battalion.


03-19-2009, 05:43 PM
Dear Chris,
Nice to meet you, and that I have a home if needed. Im doing this mess whith Wayne Hutzell and he has told me alot about you and your years of knowing and reenacting with him. You also know my company captin Court Able and Eric (Dave) Wilson. They have mentioned the cvg batallion as a seconday impression that they are joining, but the mess was the first thing I was asked to do with wayne after the we just hit it off and we are currently about 15 guys strong with alot of intrest in from these posts. Hope to see you on the field or as my commander in the near future. Pards
Nick Bocci