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08-01-2006, 05:58 PM
Enjoy this summer's tomatoes!

Peterson’s Magazine August 1864

Forced Tomatoes-Prepare the following forcemeat; Two ounces of mushrooms minced small, a couple of shallots, likewise minced, a small quantity of parsley, a slice of lean ham, chopped fine, a few savory herbs, and a little cayenne and salt. Put all these ingredients into a saucepan, with a lump of butter, and stew all together until quite tender, taking care that they do not burn. Put it by to cool, and then mix with them some bread-crumbs and the well-beaten yolks of two eggs. Choose large tomatoes, as nearly of the same size as possible; cut a slice from the stalk end of each, and take out carefully the seeds and juice; fill them with the mixture which has already been prepared, strew them over with bread and some melted butter, and bake them in a quick oven until they assume a rich color. They are a good accompaniment to veal or calf’s-head.

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