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02-25-2009, 11:34 AM
Hi, I am looking for a federal infantry unit to fall in with at this the battle of Resaca this May. Can anyone out there help!

Thad Gallagher
02-25-2009, 11:55 AM
Depending on what your looking for, the AC site has a thread looking for people for a campaigner company.

02-25-2009, 12:22 PM

02-25-2009, 12:57 PM
You can most likely fall in with my unit. We portray the 1st Wisconsin Infantry (we are actually from Wisconsin as well). We will be there, but we are still unsure of how many we will have. But it is looking like we will only have a group of 5, so we are looking for a larger unit to attach to as well. But like I said you can most likely fall in with us so you are insured a group of guys to be with?

02-25-2009, 04:39 PM
My unit, the 33rd Alabama/6th Indiana will be present. We are not campaigners, but likewise are not a family camp. Tent flys and shelter halves are preferred; an abundance of camp furniture, etc. is discouraged.
Musicians are welcomed.

Andy Redd

02-25-2009, 08:48 PM
Hey John,

I would also check with the Adj. Capt. Chuck Munson with the Fed. 4th Brigade out of Florida. I believe they usually have a pretty good sized group that attends.