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Jeffrey Cohen
02-18-2006, 07:10 PM
I posting this for a friend his email is :
Dear Jeff and Friends

If you could post on these jackets again, that would be great. I
still have a US size 48 and 42 shell jackets and two CS size 42 shell
jackets left to go. The 48 is 37.00 postpaid and the 42s are 35.00

Our soldiers in Tal Afar need baby wipes, hand sanitizer and baby powder
first and foremost. You and your friends may send directly to the following
address, be sure to include the specific company designation for each one.
A package to help 20-50 guys would be just right. Thanks.

Company First Sergeant
_____ (enter company here), TF 2-37 AR
1 BDE 1 AD
Tal Afar, Iraq
APO AE 09334-1138

The companies are:
A/2-37 AR
B/2-37 AR
C/2-37 AR
B/1-36 IN
C/1-36 IN
C/16 EN

That way, the stuff goes out directly to the companies in the various areas
of the city.
I appreciate your help Jeff. Thanks a lot.

Chaplain Lew Messinger
TF 2-37 AR

02-19-2006, 05:40 PM
Pictures available on size 48 shell jacket? What kind of condition is it in?