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07-27-2006, 09:17 PM

Osgood Historical reproductions will be doing a run of 25 haversacks. This was the item that first got me onto the market. I have made over 100 haversacks, so rest assured you are getting a quality item. I offer several patterns so please inquire as to what pattern suits your impression. I will be starting on the run as soon as I finish up a few orders for Orchard Hill, what haversacks are not spoken for will be going directly to Orchard Hill Sutlery, so if you miss this opportunity they will be in stock in limited quantities. My haversacks are copied from originals in private collections, as well as the West Point collection, and soon the Gettysburg National Military Park Collection. Prices range between $70-$80 per haversack depending on the pattern. I have photo's of haversacks I have made so you can email me for the pics of those haversacks.

What I am doing is taking orders for 1/2 down, which secures you a haversack and the other 1/2 due apon completion. Anyhow if interested in one of the finest haversacks based on originals email me at