View Full Version : Charles Alexander Binns Tydings, Asst Surgeon CSA

02-06-2009, 12:46 AM
I'm seeking any information on Charles Alexander Binns Tydings, an Asst Surgeon with the 9th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA.

According to his Confederate Service Record, he reported to the Surgeon General by letter with a date of appointment by Secretary of War of September 2, 1863. He was confirmed January 30, 1864; to take rank July 15, 1863; date of acceptance April 13, 1864. He passed the Board at Chattanooga on July 15, 1863.

Do any of you know the specific Board referred to? Did the CSA require medical degrees for the position of Asst Surgeon?

I was fortunate to obtain a photographic image of Captain Tydings in his Confederate uniform. On the right collar of his uniform, there is what appears to be an Eagle with spread wings....very similar to the Eagle worn by Colonels in the US Army. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why a Confederate Medical Officer would have an eagle on his collar?

Any information or assistance would be appreciated.