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bill watson
07-26-2006, 06:11 AM
Just wanted to mention that my book, "Brother William's War," is now available through Amazon.

Since publication late in December, it has generated enough sales to produce somewhere between $600 and $700 in donations to historic preservation -- net after my publishing expenses are more or less met. It's a moving target, because the process of selling keeps generating expenses and I haven't sat down to net it out. But my "deal with myself" was that all the proceeds from this book, after expenses, would go to historic preservation. There's a long-range non-money benefit for me: Decent sales numbers will mean publishers pay better attention when I bring them the next manuscript.

The book is about a fellow who is pretty much shamed into joining the 6th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry in April 1861, and his transformation over four years from nerdy bank clerk into a savvy, veteran soldier. It is based on real people and real events -- like Patrick O'Brian, I took battle accounts from the ORs and postwar essays. Truth remains stranger and more interesting than fiction.

Since the money is going to preservation, I have little reluctance in flogging the thing mercilessly. Please go have a look, please buy it, please come back to Amazon and leave a review.

I'll post an annual accounting of how much money the book raised, and where the money went , annually. So far it has gone to the Chester County (SC) Historic Society and to the Shenandoah 62 fundraising effort to preserve battlefield land around Cross Keys and Port Republic.


It is also available through my website, and if you wish to see what some of your fellow reenactors thought of the book, you can go there. www.brokenlanceenterprises.com